C-me Workshops & Digital Services

The profile report is just the start of the journey...

We encourage you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others by exploring how the report can be used to increase resilience, build productivity and ensure long-term success.

Here at C-me we are still delivering all our services through our virtual platform and will continue to deliver the same value as we would face to face.

We can offer bespoke webinar sessions tailored to you, your team and organisation. These are flexible, designed around your objectives and can be scheduled at a time to suit you. C-me can offer these learning opportunities remotely to groups of different sizes. Below are some of our key topics, but note you can combine elements from different ones to design your own bespoke session…

Here's a summary of all our digital services.



At C-me our aim is to help people get the best from themselves and those they work with. Our Foundation Workshop is an interactive, informative and fun way to being this journey.

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Powerful Communications Part 1

Improve relationships and productivity by adapting communication styles and adopting successful feedback methods

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Powerful Communications Part 2

Navigate challenging conversations and handle conflict better

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Building Resilience and Managing Stress

Use colour to build confidence, understand the different stress triggers and strengthen individual and team resilience

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High Performing in times of change

Increase your team’s capabilities whilst managing change well

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Influential Leadership and Management

Inspiring and empowering leaders in helping their teams perform

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Team Formation and Strategy

Empowering your team in developing a clear common direction, bringing clarity on how, what and why you do what you do.

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