Why consider a C-me workshop?

The profile report is just the start of the journey...We agree with the feedback from our clients that the most effective way to harness the value from our reports and see a return on investment is for people to explore and discuss their reports together as a team. This is done through interactive workshops or webinars to create an environment that starts meaningful conversations about behavioural preferences, leading to more effective working. Are you looking to:

✔ Dedicate time and space for individual, team, and organisational development?

✔  Embed your team's learning?

✔  Maximise your investment in C-me profiles?

✔  Applying learning to ensure tangible change?

✔  Provide your team with the time to get to know each other better

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Don't take our work for it...

"We had our first C-me workshop when I became a team leader. It really helped improve communication in the team as it gave newer members an insight into the more long-standing members. Our C-me reports and Foundation Workshop helped show us the best (and worst) ways of communicating with each other and it was a really fun session to do together. It set the team in good stead for the year". 

Emma Theedom, Head of Audiences, BBC News

Which workshop should we start with?

 We would recommend the C-me Foundation Workshop. This workshop has been designed for any group of people who want to get the best from themselves and those they work with. As we know, better teamwork increases productivity and performance, as well as enhancing relationships! The C-me Foundation Workshop is right for you and your team if you are looking to:

✔ Create a common language to communicate and connect better

✔ Learn how to get the best out of others in the team 

✔  Appreciate each other's strengths and the value each person brings

✔  Understand how to increase the team's performance

What follow on workshops are available?

Team Cohesion Workshop

Are you looking to maximise your team's engagement and ability to work together?

Leadership Development Workshop

Are you looking for a fresh way to develop your leaders and managers to inspire team performance?

Communication and Conflict Workshop

How is your team growing in communication and could they navigate conflict better?

Change Management Workshop

So much change has happened recently. Is it time to regroup as a team and plan for the future?

Sales and Influencing Workshop

Are you looking to increase your teams sales and influencing performance? How are you growing your team's ability to tailor their approach?

Stress and Resilience Workshop

What difference could it make if your team could improve the way they manage the stress of their job and build resilience to overcome challenges?