The C-me Team Wheels plot a team member's position onto a colour wheel, giving a summary of their colour combination.

This is useful information for other team members, anyone who works with them or anyone thinking about the balance and make-up of the team.

It helps us think about each person's style and how they might relate to other people around the wheel.

Individuals are plotted in the quadrant of their highest colour, but the order of their 4 colours will affect their position within that quadrant. In other words, we take into account that we are a blend of colours and our preferences aren't defined by one colour type.

The Team Wheels play a vital role in understanding and appreciating our behaviours in a way that is relevant. 

The Adapted Team Wheel

A team's colour wheel, based on their 'adapted' behaviours, i.e. how we show up when we are at work.

This wheel reflects the way we modify our behaviours day to day and is most likely to be what we bring to our team most of the time.

adapted team wheel-marks version.PNG

The Natural Team Wheel

The same team's colour wheel, based on their 'natural' behaviour, i.e. a less conscious or less filtered behaviour.

The Natural Team Wheel gives additional insight into how the same team may approach things when working under pressure or out of their comfort zone. Or even, in their most relaxed setting.

natural team wheel - marks version.png

What are the Benefits of the C-me Team Wheels?

Understand the Balance of Behaviours in your Team

The Team Wheels give a visual representation of a team's collaborative behavioural style, both filtered and natural. This is helpful when understanding how the team engages with each other or where, and why, you may see conflict, using C-me as a way to manage this.

✔ When an individual’s behaviour is different or surprising, the wheels can provide a helpful reference to assess if they may have moved into a less natural or more natural colour zone. 

✔ Onboarding new team members? Plotting a team wheel will support your onboarding and show how they may interact with longstanding members of the team.

Pre-empt Team Performance

✔ Use the Team Wheels to understand how a team moves forwards, grows and drives business performance.

✔ Help teams plan ahead, anticipating who best to manage situations when leading up to times of pressure, stress or deadlines.

✔ Understand what gaps are within your team and what this could cause. Does the pace of the team speed up or slow down under pressure? Do people revert to the detail or miss it entirely?


Support Effective Leadership Decisions

Managers can make use of the team wheels to assess the extent that individuals, and the team as a whole, are having to modify behaviours to complete their daily tasks.

✔ Seeing where there's a large difference between an individual's natural and adapted wheel position can highlight those that may need additional support but can also provide an indication of role fit. i.e. a person may be in the right team but not in the optimum role to bring their best and therefore contribute effectively to the whole. 

✔ Similarly, if there is a greater overall difference between the natural and adapted team graphs, there is a greater possibility that roles within the organisation may need revisiting. The more a team flexes their natural behaviours, the more predisposed it may be to exert extra effort in order to perform well on a daily basis. This could lead to potential rises in stress levels, unavoidable conflict and miscommunication.

How to Access the Team Wheels

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Through your Dashboard

If you have access to your C-me Dashboard, head to the team wheel tab. The Natural Team Wheel is then accessible by selecting the option when you process the wheel. You can visualise this beforehand by using the toggle.

Don't have access to the Dashboard? Learn more about the platform and get in touch with the C-me Team to get set up. 

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Through the C-me Team

Without access to the dashboard, you can still view and analyse your team's natural team wheel. Get in touch with C-me for the next steps.