What are the Benefits of Becoming Accredited?

There are many benefits of becoming accredited, for you, your teams and your organisation. 

For You

  • Develop your training and delivery skills, learning from the C-me Delivery Experts
  • Become certified as a C-me expert, expanding your knowledge of behavioural psychology and understanding the history of psychometrics
  • Become part of an Activator community, sharing tips and gaining advice from those in similar roles

For your Teams

  • Deliver C-me profiles and workshops to instil a language that builds a deep understanding and connection between colleagues and teams
  • Develop an enriched learning and development plan, focused on your business and people needs
  • Focus on improving typical people challenges or help teams improve their soft skills
  • Support onboarding, with profiles and workshops for new teams to support cohesion

For your Organisation

  • Have access to C-me Support, get started with a complimentary one to one coaching follow up session
  • Inform business decisions, direct culture and support leadership development through the lens of behaviours
  • Scalable, easy to roll out with wide-reaching awareness of behaviour across your organisation. Support your organisation's growth and development from every angle. 


What Will You Receive? 

As part of becoming Accredited with C-me, you will receive:

  • C-me Certification
  • A free profile link
  • 2 x sets of C-me playing cards
  • Access to our Accreditation Manual
  • Access to our LinkedIn Community
  • Access to our Activator Resources
  • A range of training videos
  • Your company logo on registration forms
  • Free C-me Dashboard access, including team wheels
  • Access to all C-me foundation workshop materials
  • Access to all additional workshop materials for a further 6 applications:
    • Leadership Development
    • Change Management
    • Team Cohesion
    • Communication & Conflict
    • Sales & Influencing
    • Stress & Resilience

Additional Workshop Materials

As part of the accreditation, you will receive materials to deliver your first foundation workshop. We are now including our additional workshop materials as part of the accreditation package, covering a range of development topics. These materials will save you time and ensure that you can focus on the delivery and application for your teams. 

C-me workshops support:

  • Development of soft skills
  • Team communication and cohesion
  • The direction of overall, organisational culture  


The C-me Accreditation is a cost of £1,250 per person, excl VAT. 

There are no ongoing licensing fees.