Organisational Insight

Have you seen what your organisation's operating performance looks like through the lens of behavioural preferences?

View performance a different way

Map the behavioural profile of your whole organisation to understand how it's impacting your performance. View the possible risks you face and the untapped potential available.

Give an alternative comparison

Identify country, region and division specific behavioural profiles and how this is impacting operations and performance.

Bolster your change management processes

Draw on C-me to support you through change. Anticipate the potential impact of future changes on your organisation's operating style and performance. Plan ahead how to communicate and navigate change in ways that speak to all preferences and build trust. 

Boost your L&D strategic planning 

Draw on behavioural profiling to identify the strengths and gaps in your Learning and Development, and People Strategies. Use behavioural psychology to better tailor your programmes to individual preferences for learning. 

Get accredited with C-me

Learn how to apply C-me and offer another perspective on the performance, risks and potential of your organisation.


C-me in a few numbers


Close to 60,000 behavioural statements exist in our database, including 11 translations. Hence, the high accuracy of our reports.


Just under 80,000 C-me reports issued to C-me users since we began in 2014


Team wheels created for teams across the globe, giving them insight in to their team dynamics.

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