Employee Engagement

Every employee matters!  Communicate employee value by providing positive learning opportunities for self-reflection and personal development.


Support personal development

Communicate employee value by providing positive learning opportunities for self-reflection and personal development. Each tailored report invites users to interact and work through key areas that reflect on topics such as their strengths, areas for development, possible blind spots, and the value they bring to a team. Use the C-me platform to facilitate reflection and learning in one-to-one coaching, individual personal development sessions, and team workshops. 


Build a healthy culture

Utilise C-me to build a positive culture where employees feel known, recognised, and celebrated.  Using C-me will allow for a new common language of 'colour preferences' to help address conflict, differences, setbacks and times of change.

Get buy-in

Train your leaders and managers to grow in emotional intelligence and understand their team's dynamics. Support departmental interactions with C-me by giving employees insight into one another's communication preferences, to successfully reach common goals together. 


Tailor Management styles

Give your leaders and managers a tool to understand individual employee motivations that may be different from their own. Train them in how to value each behavioural preference and tailor their management style more effectively.


Get accredited with C-me

Learn how to use C-me and behavioural psychology to better understand each individual employee and demonstrate that their preferences matter. 


C-me in a few numbers


An extremely high reported accuracy level of 85%+ for our profiles, as reported by users themselves. We then invite users to filter their reports to work on that last 15% and make it their own.


One platform that is the centre of C-me: to access your reports, view team wheels, plan for KPIs and Personal Development Plans, provide personalised coaching plans, model future project teams, discuss organisational behaviours and conduct risk assessments.


Just under 80,000 C-me reports issued to C-me users since we began in 2014

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