What are the benefits of becoming accredited?

There are many benefits of becoming accredited for you and your clients. 

For You

  • Develop your training and delivery skills, learning from the C-me Delivery Experts
  • Increase your offering portfolio to your clients
  • Be a C-me expert, gain a C-me Certification and understand the background, history and validity of C-me
  • Enjoy discounts across bulk purchases, ensuring you maximise your profile investment
  • Receive marketing documents, supporting you in practising C-me with your clients
  • Become part of an Activator community, sharing tips and gaining advice from those in similar roles
  • Receive 2 FREE profiles to get you started

For your Clients

  • Your delivery of C-me profiles and workshops will help them develop a language that builds a deep understanding and connection between colleagues and teams
  • You will enrich and contribute to their learning and development plans, focused on their business and people needs
  • You will be able to focus on improving typical people challenges and help teams improve their soft skills
  • Support clients in the onboarding of new recruits, with profiles and workshops for new teams to support cohesion

What Will You Recieve? 

As part of becoming Accredited with C-me, you will receive:

  • 2 free reports
  • A C-me Certification
  • An Accreditation Manual
  • Access to our LinkedIn Community
  • Access to C-me Activator Resources
  • A range of training videos
  • PowerPoint slides for your first foundation workshop, alongside a workshop agenda, online games, exercises and delivery techniques
  • One-to-one support from C-me
  • Ability to purchase C-me playing cards for face to face workshops
  • Gain your own behavioural profile, with a free report for everyone on the Accreditation
  • There are no regional restrictions to where you can sell our reports, we have a global reach
  • Enoy discounted pricing on profiles, to ensure you make margin when working with your own clients

Additional Resources Available

As part of the accreditation, you will receive material to deliver your first foundation workshop. C-me has created a host of other workshop material for you to purchase too, focusing on a range of development topics. This material saves you time and ensures you can focus on the delivery and application for your teams. 

C-me workshops support:

  • Development of soft skills
  • Team communication and cohesion
  • The direction of overall, organisational culture  


The C-me Accreditation is a cost of £675 per person, excl VAT.