Communication & Team Dynamics

How is your team growing in communication and could they navigate conflict better?


Introduce a common language 

Use C-me to improve team communication and dialogue around roles, strengths, areas for development, working culture, project allocation according to strengths, and much more.

Learn to appreciate what each employee brings to the collective performance of your organisation and address areas of conflict that are due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Plan for the future

Model different team configurations to understand possible team dynamics when project planning and likely behaviours that might emerge under pressure.

A fresh view on team dynamics

Give your employees, teams, leaders and managers access to a platform that provides powerful insight into your team's dynamics and how to communicate with all.

Get accredited with C-me

Learn how to deliver and embed C-me across your organisation to improve communication and foster team connection.

C-me in a few numbers


The percentage increase in the effectiveness of all internal and external communnication, reported in a client case study looking at C-me's affect upon 150 employees.


Team wheels created for teams across the globe, giving them insight in to their team dynamics.


Close to 100,000 responses to our questionnaire have built us a robust database of answers to draw from.

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