Validating C-me

At C-me, we want to ensure our partners and users can trust in, and rely on, the methodology and tools we provide. We have therefore developed our approach on sound behavioural science, wide testing and many years of user experience and feedback. 

The C-me Model

Our psychometric principles build upon the psychologist Carl Jung's research into preferences and orientation. His research led to the axis of measurement based on four main behavioural principles of Extraversion, Introversion, Thinking and Feeling. These preference principles are used to underpin the majority of modern psychometric tools.

C-me's aim over the past 10 years has been to make our approach psychologically sound and accessible, memorable and applicable. We have honed our reports to focus on enabling impact through resonance and behavioural action.

C-me has developed Jung's principles into behavioural preference axis and express them through the language of four colours: red, blue, green and yellow. This language provides a recognisable and intuitive way to communicate and engage with individual behavioural preferences.

How do we test our Validity

Constructing the Questionnaire

The critical filter behind the initial development was our desire for a system that would lead to real impact, opportunities for personal development and clarity for individuals to understand themselves and others better.

Having developed a questionnaire that feedback showed us consistently measured the preferences of red, green, blue and yellow, we then began testing statements aligned with these amongst hundreds of people. The reports were launched once we reached a high degree of resonance, of over 80%. That process of resonance assessment has continued over the years with our thousand of users. We continually hone our statements for greater accuracy. 

Our model is built around four colours, which measure the aspects of our preferences that drive our behaviour. We measure this through our questionnaire, then the results are aligned with our statement database of over 40,000 statements. These are attributed to individuals by the C-me algorithms to produce your personalised C-me report and other outputs. 

We developed the individual questions based on each aspect of behaviour, where any word in isolation could be linked to more than one colour. By grouping words, we are able to build up an accurate picture of different colour 'energies' that an individual may identify with, both consciously and less consciously.

Measuring the Questionnaire

Once we had an accurate questionnaire, we began testing impact amongst varied client cohorts. C-me is unusual in being tested from the outset with representative individuals testing in the context of real team application, rather than test groups who would have self-selected and tested in abstract situations.

Continued Validity

Validation of our questionnaire, algorithm and reports never stops. The most important measure for us is face validity, as it is people we work with, which is why we use real people to verify our product. Our profiles provide you with over 90% accuracy across 7 global languages, based on client feedback scores.

Let us transform your people

Validation based on real results

As a global IT services company Getronics use C-me colour profiles to make sure our key people know how to get the best from each other, to get deals done and services delivered exceptionally well.

Mark Cook, Group CEO, Getronics

The way the information is presented, rooted as it is in science, philosophy, massive experience and psychology, gave me insight and confidence. That the complex information is then displayed visually with concise supporting information, really floats my boat and landed meaningfully with me, in a way that helps set my course moving forward.

Tom Herbert, Founder, The Long Table CIC



How long does it take to complete the questionnaire?

Access our online questionnaire through your bespoke link. 

The online questionnaire only takes between 7-10 minutes to complete. 

As soon as you've completed your questionnaire, your results are sent through to the C-me representative at your organisation. 



How often do you update your statements?

C-me profiles are made up of around 40,000 statements. Algorithms pull from these statements, based on your questionnaire answers, to provide you with a behavioural profile.

We update our statements on an ongoing basis.

What languages are the reports available in?

As we continue to partner with organisations around the world, we have now invested in multiple languages. 

Our questionnaires and profiles are available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese and Korean.

How does C-me compare to other psychometric tools?

C-me provides an easy to apply way of understanding people's behaviour.

Head to our comparison page to find out more.