Become an in-house expert in C-me and learn to apply behavioural preferences to increase the engagement and performance of your organisation

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Why join us?

  • Attain your C-me Certification
  • Access all C-me Workshop materials (Foundation, Leadership Development, Change Management, Team Cohesion, Communication & Conflict, Sales & Influencing, Stress & Resilience)
  • Receive 2 x sets of C-me playing cards
  • Receive our Accreditation Manual
  • Access our Linkedin Community
  • Access our Activator Resources
  • View a range of training videos
  • Place your company logo on registration forms
  • Gain access to ongoing support from C-me

What are the benefits of becoming accredited ?


Benefits for your in-house trainers 

  • Increase your offering portfolio to your clients or your organisation
  • Become a C-me expert, gain a C-me certification and understand the background, history, and validity of C-me
  • Get accredited in just two days
  • Train your Trainers to be inhouse behavioural preference experts
  • Learn the language of 'colour preferences' as a powerful and simple way of addressing all your people needs
Group 2248

Benefits for your teams 

  • Understand your team dynamics and what behaviour is likely to emerge under pressure
  • Gain insight in to untapped team potential with data that explains underutilised behaviours
  • Improve the success of meetings with the language of colour preferences
  • Address the hard conversations in team relationships with positive psychology
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Benefits for your organisation

  • Take a different view of organisation performance by profiling your whole organisation
  • Enhance the success of your learning initiatives and change programmes with behavioural insight into your learners
  • Support the growth of positive company culture that takes in to account individual working preferences and motivations
  • Utilise C-me data to explore behavioural insights across regions, divisions and teams
  • Spot recruitment needs and gather key information that CVs don't show with C-me profiles

To find out how you can get Accredited with C-me

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