What are the benefits?

C-me profiles focus on our behaviour rather than personality and help people get the best out of themselves and others. Our reports provide a common language and valuable insight to help:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Generate effective communication
  • Manage stress and increase confidence
  • Build a more resilient team and a more sustainable business
  • Optimise personal and team performance
  • Maximise team cohesion and engagement
  • Inform recruitment and people strategy

It’s cost effective, extremely accurate, flexible – and importantly the results are easy to recall and apply!

Using the colours Red, Yellow, Green and Blue to bring the reports to life, C-me is easy to understand and jargon free.


How it works


1. Take our questionnaire

With only 15 questions to answer, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete!

Your report is generated

2. Your report is generated

Our C-me reports are easy to understand, memorable and packed with powerful information.

Apply the theory

3. Apply the theory

Our C-me solutions provide the next step of the journey with great support in place to help you get the best for and from each other.


Which report is best for you?

Core Report

Our basic report which helps people to increase their self-awareness and begin to understand their behavioural preferences

Most Popular Report

High Performance Plus Report

This 10 page personalised report is packed with key information to help individuals and teams perform at their best.

Recruitment Report

Ideal for providing valuable insight into candidates behavioural strengths, challenges and how they fit into your team and organisation

What's in the reports?

What's in the reports

How to get the best from your report?

The profile report is just the start of the journey. The best results are seen when the reports are coupled with a learning experience which is typically some form of workshop

Get Accredited

We can train you to deliver workshops to make the most out of the reports alongside your learning and development strategy.


Alternatively, a C-me expert can deliver a learning experience for you and your team.

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What impact is C-me having?

Teams came together in days rather than weeks and were able to deliver complex solutions against tight budgets and deadlines. C-me gave us increased clarity that led to high performing teams and increased employee engagement.

Hans van der Velde, former CEO, Visa Europe

C-me has been a really useful tool; using them to not only develop our own self-awareness, but also learn how to communicate better as a team has been really invaluable.

Gill White, Service Manager, NHS Bristol

The Accreditation was fantastic fun, really informative and was great to have the opportunity to have powerful discussions with others in the group.

Sean Marcs, Learning and Development Business Partner, Virgin Active