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Our solution fits any size. We work with global brands, Fortune 500 organizations, not-for-profits, and start-ups.


An extremely high reported average accuracy level of 85%+ for our profiles, as reported by users themselves. We then invite users to filter their reports to work on that last 15% and make it their own.


The percentage increase in the effectiveness of all internal and external communication, reported in a client case study looking at C-me's effect upon 150 employees.


The number of languages that our questionnaire and reports can be delivered: English, Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Hindi, Vietnamese

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Equip your employees to grow in self-awareness

With personalised profiles to help them understand how they are motivated and impact others.


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Give them insights to understand and appreciate their differences, resolve conflicts faster, and collaborate to achieve their goals.


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Train your employees in how to adapt their communication with colleagues, to achieve their targets and enjoy the process more!

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Build more effective teams 

Bring out the best in your team and achieve outstanding results by understanding how each team member works best.


Tried and tested psychology

Let's be honest, human behaviours can be complicated. That's why we have simplified things by associating behaviours with colours.


Underpinned by decades of psychological studies and research, some smart algorithms and 45,000+ jargon-free statements, C-me provide powerful information for all of your people needs. 

  • Logical and analytical
  • Focusses on the details
  • Enjoys problem solving
  • Needs time for reflection
  • Realistic
  • Structured and disciplined
  • Sticks to their principals
  • Bold and determined
  • Confident and optimistic
  • Task focussed
  • Enjoys stretching goals
  • Sets a winning mentality
  • Thinks big
  • Direct and to the point
  • Conscientious
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Kind and considerate
  • Tolerant and open-minded
  • Works for a democratic solution
  • Steady and reliable
  • Supportive and loyal
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Friendly and optimistic
  • Inspirational and visionary
  • Not afraid to take risks
  • Spontaneous and imaginative
  • Embraces change
  • Enjoys networking opportunities

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Find out how C-me can transform your organisation

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