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C-me and behaviours: providing powerful information for all your people needs.

Let's be honest, human behaviours can be complicated. That's why we have simplified things by associating behaviours with colours. Underpinned by decades of psychological studies and research, some smart algorithms and 45,000+ jargon-free statements, Cme provide powerful information for all of your people needs. 

  • Logical and analytical
  • Focusses on the details
  • Enjoys problem solving
  • Needs time for reflection
  • Realistic
  • Structured and disciplined
  • Sticks to their principals
  • Bold and determined
  • Confident and optimistic
  • Task focussed
  • Enjoys stretching goals
  • Sets a winning mentality
  • Thinks big
  • Direct and to the point
  • Conscientious
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Kind and considerate
  • Tolerant and open-minded
  • Works for a democratic solution
  • Steady and reliable
  • Supportive and loyal
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Friendly and optimistic
  • Inspirational and visionary
  • Not afraid to take risks
  • Spontaneous and imaginative
  • Embraces change
  • Enjoys networking opportunities

Why work with C-me?

Get access to an interactive platform that encourages self-awareness and development

The C-me platform is designed to inspire self-discovery and grow a person's appreciation for the different behavioural preferences and motivations of others they work with. 

We use reflective questions throughout the report to coach each person into making meaningful changes from day one. 

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Group 1812-1
A language that unites

Provide a language that explains behaviours and bridges differences, leading to more effective relationships.

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Grow your employees' self-awareness

Build confidence in their strengths and unique contribution. Help them understand how they are motivated and how they impact others.

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Introduce a positive way to address areas for growth

Address behaviour instead of personality, which is more flexible and can be learned.

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Inspire greater performance

Provide them with tailored behavioural preference intelligence in key areas that drive performance.

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Provide an interactive report they can tailor

Give them access to interact with their personalised profile - make notes, add additional information and track development.

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Support your existing people development programme

Give your leaders, people managers, and coaches a platform designed to prompt self-reflection, personal ownership and performance.

Invest in your teams with a platform designed to facilitate positive team dynamics.

Teach your teams how behaviours impact their team dynamics. Give them strategies to understand their differences, resolve conflicts faster, and collaborate better to achieve their objectives.

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A shared language

Equip your teams with a shared language for team dialogue around roles, working culture, team communication, and more!

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Accessible data

Behavioural insights are written to be memorable, easy to apply, and impactful from day one, for everyone in the team.

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Improve recruitment success

Understand current talent gaps. Model the impact of possible hires before you offer and improve the onboarding process.

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Behavioural preference intelligence

Draw on C-me’s suite of workshops to bring behavioural preference psychology in to your training programmes.

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Tasks aligned with motivation

Identify each team member's motivations and their resilient strengths to better align team roles to each individual.

Draw on the psychology of 'preferences' to gain a powerful perspective on your how your whole organisation is operating.

Receive a comprehensive profile for each member of your organisation, highlighting your resilient strengths and identifying potential areas for collective growth that could be impacting your current operations.

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Improve departmental interactions

Equip your staff with a tool to address how they interact with one-another, and contribute to company culture and performance.

Group 1812
Increase behavioural diversity

Get another perspective on your organisation's diversity and how this impacts on your culture and performance.

Group 1812
Draw on behavioural intelligence

Enhance the success of your learning initiatives and change programmes with preference psychology that is simple to apply.

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Boost recruitment and retention

Spark productivity, cut hiring costs, retain staff by encouraging them to operate in their strengths and resolve conflict faster.

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Employ a multi-use tool

Apply C-me to your management and leadership development, employee engagement, change management, cultural audits and more.

How does it work?

Step 01.

Complete our questionnaire and access your profile on the C-me platform

Takes only 7-10 minutes to complete and simultaneously accessible on the platform. Quickly understand more about your behaviours and how you like to work.

Step 02.

Time to roll it out!

Discover the advantages of using C-me according to your needs.

There are many ways to apply C-me at every level of your organisation, and with every member. It's really up to you!



  • Prompt personal reflection with a profile revealing each of your employees' unique natural and adapted behaviours
  • View statements, graphs and diagrams that reveal their own strengths and areas for development and how they impact others
  • Encourage them to create an action plan specific to their KPIs
  • Teach the soft skills of communication that directly affect personal and team performance
  • Gain a language for positive behaviour growth
  • Take-away powerful content for personal development plans and coaching relationships
  • Engage your people in workshops and continuous learning to improve communication, productivity and performance
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  • Mine C-me for insights in to team dynamics and what happens under pressure
  • Trial potential project teams with C-me configurations
  • Gain insight in to untapped team potential with data that explains underutilised behaviours
  • Improve the success of meetings with the language of colour preferences.
  • Address the tough conversations in team relationships with a positive approach
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  • Take a different view of organisation performance and risk assessment with preference profiling
  • Enhance the success of your learning initiatives and change programmes with behavioural preference psychology
  • Support the growth of a positive company culture that takes in to account individual working preferences and motivations
  • Utilise C-me data to explore behavioural insights across regions, divisions and teams
  • Spot recruitment needs and gather key information that CVs don't show with C-me profiles
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  • Enhance your learning initiatives with training on the soft skills that directly impact performance
  • Train your Trainers to be inhouse behavioural preference experts
  • Upskill your Trainers and give them the tools to roll out preference insights across your organisation
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Key figures

The Impact of C-me


Close to 100,000 responses to our questionnaire have built us a robust database of answers to draw from.


The percentage increase in the effectiveness of all internal and external communication, reported in a client case study looking at C-me's effect upon 150 employees.


An extremely high reported accuracy level of 85%+ for our profiles, as reported by users themselves. We then invite users to filter their reports to work on that last 15% and make it their own.

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