Elevate your people into exceptionally high-performing teams using the power of psychometrics

Gain insights into the most effective ways your team members operate individually and collaboratively. Receive actionable advice to empower their success.

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Our solution fits any size. We work with global brands, Fortune 500 organisations, not-for-profits, and start-ups.

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Increase in effectiveness of internal and external communications
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We help turn behavioural insights
into actionable data for improving team dynamics and productivity

Benefit from tried and tested psychology

To help simplify the complexity of understanding human behaviour, we use colour-coded behaviours, grounded in decades of psychological studies and smart algorithms. 

1. Benefit

Develop self-awareness and communication within your teams

Improve self-awareness within your team dynamics. With personalised profiles, your employees can better understand their motivations, preferred communication styles and how they impact others.

2. Develop self awareness

Support better collaboration

Equip your teams with actionable data and tools to understand and appreciate their differences, resolve conflicts faster, and collaborate to achieve their goals.


Build more
effective teams

Gain a fresh perspective on the optimal working styles of your team members and how to adapt your management strategies for peak performance.


See a quick overview of how C-me works

How it works

Step 1
Step 1
Your employees spend 10 minutes completing our questionnaire.
Step 2
Step 2
Each team member will then gain access to their online C-me profile and reflect on their insights for self-development.
Step 3
Step 3
Individuals and managers can view their team members C-me profiles, to understand their colleagues preferences and discover ways to enhance collaboration.
Step 4
Step 4
Get actionable reports, e-learning and expert guidance on strategies to enhance your team's performance.

Experience the power of C-me, not just in person, but also through our incredible e-learning solution.

Elevate engagement and extend learning! Our easy to use platform for cost-effective team training, featuring engaging video content, assessments, quick-fire questions and more.

Say goodbye to traditional face to face workshops

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Teams came together in days rather than weeks and were able to deliver complex solutions against tight budgets and deadlines. C-me gave us increased clarity that led to high performing teams and increased employee engagement.

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Hans van der Velde Former CEO, Visa Europe

C-me has been a really useful tool; using them to not only develop our own self-awareness, but also learn how to communicate better as a team has been really invaluable.

Gill White Service Manager, NHS Bristol

Invaluable insight into our team.

Kate Coughlan Head of Planning, BBC

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