Leadership & Management Development

Are you looking for a fresh way to develop your leaders and managers to inspire team performance?


Equip your leaders and future leaders

Help leaders understand themselves, their strengths, areas of development, blind stops and much more with C-me. This will help ensure your organisation is made up of leaders who are self-aware, confident and who are quick to empower others.


Empower diverse leadership styles

Support your leadership programmes by introducing C-me to empower leaders to understand their own unique leadership profile.

This will facilitate betters leaders, who value diversity and what each person brings to the table. 


Upgrade leadership communication

Develop leaders who can commicate with influence to a wide variety of audiences, both internally and externally, through understanding and practicing how to speak to all behavioural preferences. 


Boost project planning 

Give your leaders a platform to plan tailored project teams, plan ahead how best to motivate them and anticipate potential tension due to differing behavioural preferences and working styles. 


Get accredited with C-me

Train with C-me to equip your leaders with behavioural intelligence.


C-me in a few numbers


25 years of experience behind the development of C-me. We grew out of a management consultancy that specialised in developing high performance teams and needed a more accurate and flexible behavioural profiling tool that had a greater impact in the workplace.


Close to 60,000 behavioural statements exist in our database, including 11 translations. Hence, the high accuracy of our reports.


Just over 1,000 Accredited Activators delivering C-me worldwide to their organisations.

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