C-me Workshop Topics

Beyond the C-me report

As you are aware C-me profiles are a powerful tool to bring change to individuals, teams and organisations you work with. From our years of experience, users gain most value and experience the greatest impact when they go through some form of learning experience in conjunction with receiving their profile.

During your accreditation you would have experienced the main content of our Foundation Workshop and were given the resources to deliver this workshop afterwards. The key training principles for delivery were introduced during this process.

We want to support you in bringing ongoing support to your people, enabling further exploration of their reports. As a result we have created specialist workshop collateral on these 6 additional topics:

  • Leadership Development

  • Change Management

  • Stress and Resilience

  • Communication and Conflict

  • Team Cohesion

  • Sales and Influencing

What benefits will my organisation gain from these workshops?

What comes with each workshop topic?

✔  Increased opportunities to promote additional workshops within your organisation

✔  Provision of relevant ongoing training

✔  A greater understanding of C-me and a broader application of your profiles

✔  The ability to maximise yout initial profile investment

✔  Material to help explore and utilise the whole of the C-me report

✔  A slide deck with delivery notes

✔  A training video providing slide by slide facilitation tips and advice

✔  A suggested agenda

✔  Topic overview document (for you and your stakeholders)

✔  Ongoing support from the C-me team

What topics are available?

Leadership Development Workshop

View the sample agenda

Who is this workshop for?

It's for those who want to grow in leadership effectiveness and their ability to inspire others. It is also for those who want to maximise their own natural leadership style. This workshop is for leaders who want to impact their team and manage their direct reports more effectively; learning how to empower others and draw from their strengths.

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

✔ Grow in confidence in their natural leadership style

✔ Be able to communicate vision more effectively

✔ Recognise different leadership styles in others

✔ Develop techniques to engage and empower team members

✔ Augment their leadership skills

✔ Learn to work more effectively with other leaders

Stress and Resilience Workshop

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Who is the Stress and Resilience Workshop for? 

It's for those who want to manage their personal stress better and learn how their behavioural preferences can help to build resilience. It is also for those who would like to understand their teammates better. How they respond under stress is likely to be different from how you do! It's useful to learn how we can best help one another.

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

✔ Learn personal, practical solutions to reduce and manage stress

✔ Build personal strategies for restoring and maintaining high performance.

✔ Gain a clearer understanding of how to get the best out of others in the team.

✔ Deal with setbacks more effectively

✔ Gain confidence in harnessing resilient strengths to recover and build.

✔ Discover ways to support each other better when under pressure

Communication and Conflict Workshop

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Who is the Communication and Conflict Workshop for?

Developing even more effective communication skills always positively impacts the team's performance. This workshop is for those who would like to do this and want to improve how they handle challenging conversations with the aim of diffusing tension and returning to collaborative working. 

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

✔ Develop their communications skills

✔ Learn practical solutions to reduce and manage tension

✔ Gain a common language to talk about differences in this area

✔ Practice adapting to different communication styles

✔ Find a framework for constructive feedback 

✔ Be able to navigate difficult conversations more easily

Team Cohesion Workshop

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Who is the Team Cohesion Workshop for?

It's for teams who want to become more effective together. It may be that your team is fully aware of the changes they need to make or the team is functioning well but want to fine tune. Either way this workshop can bring value.  

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

✔ Benefit from increased team cohesion

✔ Have more engaged and motivated team members

✔ Mitigate potential risk to team performance

✔ Have an arena to value different approaches to strategy

✔ Clarify the team’s ‘why?’

✔ Identify how each team member contributes

✔ Develop a balanced strategy together with shared ownership

Change Management Workshop

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Who is the Change Management Workshop for?

It's for teams wanting to reach and sustain a place of high performance. The workshop will focus on how to maximise engagement in order to lay the foundation necessary to handle change effectively. It is a great session for teams that are functioning well but want to get even better or for teams that are struggling and want to address the issues.

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

We look at qualities in high performing teams: Commitment, Flexibility, Honesty and Resilience. We use them to facilitate discussions around how to best handle setbacks and change. Your team will:

✔ Learn how to recognise how different people engage with change and what may cause them to get stuck

✔ Increase their capability to perform at their best

✔ Be better equipped to harness the benefits of  diverse thinking

✔ Experience increased motivation and team buy-in

✔ Be empowered to own individual and team roles

Sales and Influencing Workshop

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Who is the Sales and Influencing Workshop for?

It's a workshop for sales teams and indeed any team who need to sell themselves or their products.  In addition, it is for teams that want to provide excellent and personalised customer service.

What are the benefits of this workshop? 

Delegates will:

✔ Understand individual strengths and potential development needs in this area

✔ Explore effective sales and influencing techniques for different audiences

✔ Optimise communication with stakeholders

✔ Consider how body language as well as written and verbal communication styles can influence this area

✔ Understand different clients' drivers and blockers

✔ Learn ways to practically apply these concepts to current situations and clients

What is the investment? 

1 x Workshop topic:   £475 +VAT (RRP)

3 x Workshop topics: £1,250 +VAT (10% off)

6 x Workshop topics: £2,250 +VAT (20% off)