Do you have a common language?

Colour is the language we use to describe the different behavioural preferences that make up our personal approach. This overview gives a flavour of the different approaches our colours represent. It also shows how they align to the core axes of extraversion/reflection and task/relational focus. One of the great things about colours is that they blend. We understand that we are all a unique blend of these approaches and that the axes they rest on are a sliding scale.

Each colour has different characteristics

C-me Colour wheel general characteristics

Which colour are you and your team?

We are all unique and have our preferred ways of doing things expressed in the language of different combinations of four colours. This combination gives each person their unique temperament. Which colour can you relate to the most from the image above?

Each colour preference has a preferred way to be communicated with. Here are some top tips to use to communicate effectively with other colour preferences.

Try these top tips with others...

Tips for communicating with those leading with a Blue preference

  • Give facts, ideally in writing
  • Be rational and practical
  • Ask for their questions
  • Discuss the principles
  • Be logical and thorough
  • Listen carefully to questions
  • Allow time to prepare

Tips for communicating with those leading with a Red preference

  • Demonstrate conviction
  • Identify their role quickly
  • Be direct and action-focused
  • Present options
  • Focus on success
  • Be clear and brief
  • Refer early to the objective

Tips for communicating with those leading with a Green preference

  • Allow time for discussion
  • Listen carefully
  • Show sincere interest
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Consider their opinions
  • Be sensitive; feelings matter
  • Progress at their relaxed pace

Tips for communicating with those leading with a Yellow preference

  • Be interactive and friendly
  • Use visuals
  • Allow free flow
  • Be light and fast-paced
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Seek their views and ideas
  • Allow for an open discussion

We all have a unique blend of the four colours. Try putting these tips into practice with those you work with and see what impact it has.

Here is a glimpse of a C-me report

C-me can provide a range of different reports. They have all been designed to ensure that they are easy to understand with clear suggested actions which can add value immediately. Also, what is great is that you don't need to have a degree in psychology to interpret them!

The personalised statements for each section of the report are gathered from our database of 35,000+ statements.

Some of the report chapters include:

  • Your Graphs and Colour position
  • Personalised overview
  • Resilient Strengths & Team Contribution
  • Areas for Development and Blind Spots
  • Effective and Ineffective Communication
  • Remote working preferences
  • Enabling Engagement and Role Agility
  • Handling Setbacks & Managing Stress
  • Action Learning
View a sample report