Which report is right for you?

  1. High Performance Plus Report - Increase yours and others performance
  2. High Performance Influencer - Be an effective influencer
  3. Core Report - Gain a basic understanding of yourself
  4. Recruitment Report - Gain invaluable hiring information
  5. Youth Report - Instil confidence in young adults
  6. 360 Report - Understand how people see you
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High Performance Plus Report

  • Designed specifically for individuals and teams who are looking to perform at their best
  • Using this report a new common language will be established in any setting resulting in improved team cohesion and productivity
  • Gain understanding into what motivates others, the best way to harness their strengths and how to communicate effectively and much more
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High Performance Influencer

  • Building on the valuable information from the High Performance report, our Influencer report provides personalised feedback on how to grow in your influencing abilities
  • Learn your strengths, areas for development and predictable tendencies when looking to persuade others
  • Draw from an action plan for ongoing influencing success
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Core Report

  • Building on fundamental pillars of personality profiling this report will provide basic information on your personal behavioural preferences
  • Set out like a development handbook, sections are provided for you to work through as an individual or in as a team
  • Gain understanding of how to work best with others
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Recruitment Report

  • A report which provides you with invaluable information about a candidate's behavioural preferences beyond their experience
  • Information helping you to tailor your interview questions
  • Whilst this report won’t measure competence, it will help identify strengths and also help with identifying role and team fit
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Youth Report

  • A shorter report aimed for young adults from the age of 14+
  • We’ve adapted the language to make it easier to understand and apply for a younger audience
  • Ideal for helping young adults grow in self-awareness, confidence and valuing themselves whilst appreciating the differences that others bring
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360 Report

  • This report will provide you with insight into how you are being perceived by up to 8 different colleagues
  • An ideal report to help those who are looking to grow in their leadership and management abilities
  • Bespoke feedback questions can also be added to make this a tailored solution for you and your organisation.
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This powerful and secure interface will provide you with complete autonomy over the process of producing and managing profiles, team wheels, memorable visuals and data analytics.


Team Wheel


Team Wheel

Team wheels provide powerful yet simple visual aids. Each team member is plotted on our colour wheel to show distribution of preference. This is a dynamic tool which helps team members value others' preferences and begin to think about navigating different styles.

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Personalised C's


Personalised C's

Personalised C’s help to secure the embedding of the colour profiling language and application across a company because it is a quick and simple overview of an individual’s colour preference at a glance. It crosses language barriers giving a clear digital shorthand for personal style.

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