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Experts in Colour Profiling and team dynamics whatever your needs are big or small. 

Partner with C-me


Many organisations and individuals use C-me profiles as an integral part of their offer to clients. We enjoy working in partnership with them, and supporting them as they tailor and use the profiles to maximise impact.

Our partners include:

      Independent coaches

      Professional development and performance consultants

      Leadership development consultancies

      Transition consultants

      Health and Safety specialists


Partnership packages can include:

      Accreditation – which can be done in house and made bespoke for an organisation, or as more of an open session that gathers together a number of independent consultants.

      Your branding – add your logo and branding to the front of the reports.

      Dedicated and branded web portal – enabling the completed questionnaire to be automatically delivered to a nominated email address.

      Manual giving background and guidance around application.

      Powerpoint slides  for facilitated sessions with clients.  

      Ongoing support  continued advice around application and delivery to clients. 

C-me and Matt Perry

Former England Rugby player and Founder of T15, Matt Perry uses C-me in his High Performance Teamwork  

T15 uses this powerful tool for behaviour change at the start of every intervention, because it is so practical in helping individuals understand how they can get the best with, for and from each member of the team to improve their own performance.

It also reduces conflict and helps groups problem solve more effectively by leveraging each other’s strengths and perceived weaknesses. I would recommend C-me as the most significant development tool I have come across. It is simple, practical  and highlights personal and team developmental gaps and opportunities.”

Matt Perry, Founder T15