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Experts in Colour Profiling and team dynamics whatever your needs are big or small. 

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Amy is a World Champion and Olympic medalist Skeleton slider. In winning Gold, she became Britain’s first solo Winter Olympics champion in 30 years and the first female individual gold medalist for 58 years. Having competed at a World Class level for over 12 years, she worked with The Wilsher Group sharing her knowledge of competing at a high performance level. 

Amy has used Colour Profiling in her work.

I love the C-me system. It helps me connect with people very quickly and to understand how to get the best with and for them. It also helped me understand what next career would be best for me.”

Amy Williams


C-me worked with charity Send a Cow to provide insight into its Board and Senior Management Team and explore how their overall team balance and subsequent behaviours impacted the organisation and its outcomes.

“ C-me gave us invaluable insight into our management team – our strengths and weaknesses both as individuals and as a team and how we complement each other and interact with other colleagues. It also helped us understand what a new leader brings to an organisation, and how the culture of an organisation changes based on this.”

Paul Stuart, Chief Operating Officer, Send a Cow


Visa wanted help with the challenge of bringing new teams together quickly to work together effectively and deliver within a short time frame. Following completing the Colour profiling questionnaire and attending off-site away days and workshops for the new team, the results were evident.


 Teams came together in days rather than weeks and were able to deliver complex solutions against tight budgets and deadlines. C-me gave us increased clarity that led to high performing teams and increased employee engagement”.

Hans van der Velde former CEO of Visa Europe.

C-me provided a shared language that enabled teams to quickly grasp a deep understanding of strengths, weaknesses, styles, approaches and how to communicate effectively. This increased efficiency, productivity and led to significant cost savings.

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C-me Colour Profiling and PTES (People’s Trust for Endangered Species)

Having been through a time of change and re-focus, PTES worked with C-me colour profiling to help inform their recruitment process and continue to build the team going forward.

“C-me helped us to colour profile the team and talk the findings through at a staff workshop. The results were fascinating, revealing our various strengths, preferences and inclinations and, most importantly, gave us a much better understanding of each other and what we each are able to contribute.

This has already led to some changes in the way we prepare communications with our supporters and I’m sure will continue to help us fundraise better. Altogether a useful technique.”  

Jill Nelson, Chief Executive, PTES

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C-me and the Global Construction Industry

C-me works with a large construction company who were committed to a goal of zero safety incidents. As part of their programme to increase responsibility and enhance leadership C-me provided a bespoke profiling tool to improve communication, understanding and engagement with teams across the organisation.

As research shows a direct correlation between relational engagement in teams and safety,  the C-me Team worked closely with the company to develop a unique report tailored around safety objectives. This was rolled out in workshops for the top 1000 leaders across the organisation. 

The addition of safety elements to the profiles has created a tailored product which is appropriate and powerful for the industry. It is accessible, practical and simple. It has led to a common approach, a way of thinking and a language that is shared across the organisation. The reaction has been very good, across all levels and all functions.’   Lead Delivery Consultant 

‘We work with a diverse workforce, and it was vital that we used a tool that was easy to understand, and to apply. People really ‘got’ Colour. The language of colours became part of team conversations, and even of their humour.  We have seen ‘colour’ conversations happening on site – giving a light hearted and effective way to navigate different communication preferences and leadership styles.’

‘As people’s personal awareness of preferences is increased, they are able to adapt their behaviour and thinking.’

Behavioural Safety Programme and Training Manager

C-me is simply more to the point than other profiling systems, and is couched in language that makes it both more accessible to the individual, and easier to use as the basis for creating change
— Rose’y Buchanan, HR Director, European Tour

C-me and European Tour

The European Tour was recruiting for a senior position reporting into the Board. It had shortlisted two candidates and was struggling to decide who would be the best appointee; the three members of the selection team were split.

C-me profiles added a dimension to the selection team's understanding that had not come through at interview. It allowed the discussion to become objective, making the consensus much easier to reach. It also enabled the HR Director to prepare an informed Development Plan for the successful candidate ahead of their arrival in the organisation.


 “C-me is simply more to the point than other profiling systems, and is couched in language that makes it both more accessible to the individual, and easier to use as the basis for creating change 

Rose’y Buchanan, HR Director, European Tour


The use of C-me saved the cost of a wrong hire, whilst adding value through kick starting a tailored development plan.


Colour profiling and Egg

Colour profiling was used to help reduce the churn rates in Egg’s call centres. They were faced with a large turnover of staff that resulted in poor productivity and escalating recruitment costs.

C-me profiles were used to determine an individual’s likely strengths against their job role requirements and performance. Using this ‘filter’ resulted in a reorganisation of teams - redistributing people into more suitable roles. Combined with offering a new take during the recruitment process, this reduced churn rates from an estimated 27% to 10%.